Our vines are lovingly tended to produce superb grapes. This is what we do at RoncSoreli. The best grapes are strictly selected and hand picked, they are delicately put into small crates to be immediately taken to the winery.


Having the winery right in the middle of the estate allows for this to happen. Extra care is taken to protect the harvested grapes from excessive heat, hence no oxidation.


The strict winemaking standards at RoncSoreli entails that each vineyard is to be harvested and processed separately, as a special cru, in order to retain its unique characteristics.


Indeed, the conditions and circumstances of each plot of land on the hillsides, and the ripening times of the grapes are very different from one another. This set of practices allows us to enhance the characteristic of each vineyard, in that the grapes are fermented and processed separately, and only later assembled into wines of excellent quality and uniqueness.


Once selected and carefully scrutinised by our skilled agronomists, the grapes are harvested by hand and set in "gravity-fed" crushers to avoid mechanical stress and grape damaging.


The grapes undergo soft crushing in our state-of-the-art machines, one of which operates in a neutral environment, and the resulting must is set in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks where fermentation takes place.

Both our white wines and fresh red wines age in stainless steel tanks or in concrete vats – a stable environment that prevents electrostatic interference.


Our long-ageing red wines, instead, ferment and age in wood:  large truncated cone shaped vats, tonneaux and barriques.

All the wines made at RoncSoreli are allowed to age in the bottle to guarantee that they are ready and at their best for our most passionate customers to enjoy.



Tonneaux nella barricaia di RoncSoreli I colori di RoncSoreli nel bicchiere. Vini di eccellenza dal Friuli (2) I colori di RoncSoreli nel bicchiere. Vini di eccellenza dal Friuli
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