2015 A very promising vintage

The vines enjoyed uniform budding and regular rains during the early season, which allowed them to develop evenly; development slowed down due to the heat of July without causing any stress to the vines. A mild climate with temperature swings between day and nights characterised the period of ripening. All these elements together have allowed for an exceptional ripening of the grapes, which in turn translated into a beautifully rich aromatic profile.

2014 A difficult vintage

The high rainfall during the whole growing season and a lack of sunlight seriously challenged vineyard management. Only the grapes from the vines growing on the most exposed hill slopes ripened well and this led to enormous sacrifices in terms of selecting the best grapes. It was only by selectively harvesting the individual parcels or rows according to the ripeness of the berries, and by using the less ripe ones for minor productions, that we managed to get the very best out of the vintage.

2013 A full vintage

The whole season was basically uniform allowing the vines to develop properly, except for a very warm early season. Good weather conditions allowed for a harvest without any problem and guaranteed an excellent maturation of the grapes. We were able to pick the aromatic varieties in the coolest hours of the day to best preserve all the aromas of the fruit. An excellent vintage for both the white the red wines.

2012 A bizarre vintage

The returning cold weather after a warm beginning of spring slightly delayed budding and the early development of the vines, while the high temperatures in August accelerated maturation, and finally the rainy weather during the harvest period created problems for the even ripening of the grapes. It was thanks to efficient decision making during the harvest that we managed to craft satisfyingly rich white wines with a pleasant acidy, while the Schioppettino, perhaps, enjoyed one of the best vintages presenting a very good phenolic ripeness and a perfect evolution of the aroma composition.

2011 An opulent vintage

A season characterised by regular precipitations and good temperatures allowed for proper vine development and an early harvest. Harvest took place in excellent weather conditions leading to very rich and characterful wines, also thanks to punctual decisions. Excellent maturation of the red grapes, which benefited from the temperature-swings between day and night of the second half of September.

2010 A typically Friulian vintage.

The summer rains characterised the whole vegetative cycle of the vines. The high temperatures and the good exposure to the sunlight allowed for a very good harvest of white grapes. The higher acidity of the white wines provided for an excellent evolution and long shelf life. The red wines, on the other hand, were not totally favoured and presented a less articulate structure.

2009 A vintage to be remembered

The high temperatures at the beginning of the harvest led to the early ripening of the grapes. Having to harvest in August at dawn to preserve the cool temperature of the grapes will definitely be unforgettable. However, excellent timing and harvest management allowed us to process grapes with a great concentration and balanced maturity, and craft rich wines that had a long life ahead. The quality of the red wines is, to say the least, excellent.

2008 A very rainy vintage This is where the history of RoncSoreli begins

We will remember this year for the amount of rain that fell during the harvest. We managed, anyway, to craft white wines with a good acidity and defined aromas that developed with time. The red wines were a little less satisfying due to the favourable ripening of the grapes only in the most exposed plots, and to an enormous selection of the grapes.

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