42 hectares of vineyards stretch over a sun drenched southeast-east facing hillside, just above the hamlet of Novacuzzo, in Prepotto.


At the top of the hill the vineyards border the Bosco Romagno nature reserve and gently run down to the right bank of the Judrio river which forms a natural border with the Collio area and Slovenia.


RoncSoreli is situated in the Colli Orientali del Friuli in an area where the terroir is a fortuitous combination of soil and climate.

Through the millennia, compacted strata of marls and sandstone originating in the Eocene on a rocky substratum are responsible for the formation of the hill's terrain, locally known as Ponca. This mineral-loaded soil imparts a unique character to the wines, which translates into strong body and great sapidity.


Another element, which is no less important in characterising the terroir, is the constant light breeze that blows down the valley; it carries off the moisture and helps substantially cut down on chemicals. As the area is both close to the mountains and to the coast it has a broad temperature range throughout the day, which proves ideal for producing layered, aromatic wines. Meticulous hard work in managing the vineyards completes the components needed to harvest top quality grapes.


This is the mosaic that makes up the RoncSoreli terroir.



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