Once upon a time … there was the old hamlet of Novacuzzo.


Once upon a time … there was a nice rolling hill overlooking the hamlet.


Once upon a time ... there was a country villa.


Once upon a time … there was a fine winery.


Once upon a time  ... there was an estate that stretched over 72 hectares of vineyards and lush woods.


This is how fairytales often begin. The story we are about to tell is, indeed, a special fairytale come true.


In the extreme north-eastern corner of Italy right near the border with Slovenia and a short way from Cividale del Friuli lies Prepotto, and there, up on a sunkissed hill rises RoncSoreli. RoncSoreli – the sunny hill – seemed to Flavio Schiratti the perfect name when he established the winery in 2008. The Friulan entrepreneur and wine lover embarked on an ambitious long-term project: to breathe new life to the sleepy hamlet and produce top quality wines. The core of the project was to create a nice big winery and offer a great wine experience to anyone who walked through the front door.  Part of the mission was to enhance the historical vineyards and native varietals that thrive on one of the most beautiful and suitable hills of the area.


The venture also included important works of land management, to salvage some very old vineyards and channel and drain the water, increase the area devoted to vineyards from 33 to 42 hectares, and finally renovate and further develop the winery and cellars.

The fairytale continued with the building and establishment of new guest hospitality areas: welcoming tasting rooms, on-site wine shop and tastefully furnished accommodation for wine and nature lovers.


The true happy ending is just round the corner and you are welcome to come get a glimpse, and be enchanted by RoncSoreli, the sunny hill.



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